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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Your are always the best .!

Your are always be the best in my life .:D
There is nothin' that can compared between you and others . You are just a perfecto hunny bie .
My life is just a part of your life and a piece of my heart is buried in your heart too .
I'm sure that there were nothing that can seperate us apart . 
Being with you is just the best feeling that I ever felt in my whole life . And I love to have some moments to spend with you .
Laughters , joys , sadness , depression and love towards others is the best moments to be shared with you . And I always pray that one day I can hold your hand and keep you in my arms safely .
My life was mess , but when I knew your name for the first time you said 'Hye' in the Chat-box , I just felt like so good to have someone that really cares for me and do take care about myself . For the first time ever , you are the only person that had change my life totally . Plus , you have made me to be a better person in the future . Yes , its true that you are far away from me , but when our heart beats at the same rate , there is a possible way that one day , we will be holding hands together and walk through a coldy night . Oren , I just felt that my feelings towards you is a true and honest feeling . I would never lied to myself and you . I am  honestly had fall in love with you . 

In the other way , I just need you in my life right now . For the future , I wish I can have a big house , a nice car , a branded clothes , many childrens , and the most best wishes that I really want to have is to live with you . Living with a person that we really cares can moderate us to be a happier person . And who knows that we will be a better lover in the future . Things can changed , but feelings of love is hardly changed . Most of us can simply just said LOVE , but its hard to make it . Even a child can say LOVE , but the most important is how you express your feelings . Oren , I really hope that you can understand my feeling towards you . I hate to lie to myself , and  I hate to lie to you . I do like you , and I do love you  ! 
There were times you make me happy . There were times you shared your joys with me . There were times you can tell me your top secret . And there were times we shared our problems together . 

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